Light Up Tambourine - Play Activities

Light Up Tambourine - Play Activities

Light-up tambourines can be a fun and engaging tool for play activities that stimulate various senses, including sight, hearing, touch, and even movement. They are a great addition to your light up toys haul!

Light Up Tambourine


14 Fun Light Up Tambourine Play Ideas

Here are some play activities using a light-up tambourine that engage these senses:

  1. Communication and Expression: Use the tambourine as a communication tool. Ask the child to tap the tambourine in response to simple questions or statements, such as "Do you want more?" or "How are you feeling?" This can help them express themselves and engage in social interaction.
  2. Sensory Light Show: Turn off the lights and use the light-up tambourine to create a sensory light show. Encourage your child to wave the tambourine around, making patterns in the dark. This activity stimulates their sense of sight and touch as they feel the vibrations.
  3. Sensory Play with Light: Allow the child to explore the light-up tambourine in a controlled, quiet space. Encourage them to touch and examine the tambourine at their own pace. Some autistic children may find comfort in repetitive motions like tapping the tambourine, while others may prefer simply watching the lights.
  4. Dance and Movement: Put on some music and have a dance party. Encourage them to move their body in sync with the rhythm while holding or tapping the tambourine. This can provide a fun and sensory-rich activity.
  5. Sound Matching Game: Play a game where you make various sounds with the tambourine, and your child has to mimic the sound by tapping the tambourine in the same way. This game enhances their sense of hearing and encourages them to explore different sounds.
  6. Sensory Obstacle Course: Create a sensory obstacle course that includes playing the light-up tambourine at different stations. For example, they can tap the tambourine while walking on a soft surface, on a textured mat, or while navigating through a tunnel. This activity combines sensory experiences with physical movement.
  7. Sensory Texture Exploration: Run your fingers along the tambourine's surface and encourage your child to do the same. Discuss the different textures they feel, such as the smooth plastic and the bumpy ridges. This activity engages the sense of touch.
  8. Follow the Light: Hold the tambourine up and move it around in different directions. Challenge your child to follow the light with their eyes as it moves. This activity helps improve their hand-eye coordination and visual tracking skills.
  9. Sensory Stories: Use the light-up tambourine as a storytelling prop. Incorporate it into a sensory-rich story where the child can tap the tambourine to signal changes in the narrative or the appearance of specific characters.
  10. Musical Exploration: Experiment with tapping the tambourine in different ways to create various rhythms and patterns. Encourage your child to explore the sounds they can make and how it feels in their hands.
  11. Choice-Making: Use the tambourine as a choice-making tool. Present the child with two or more options, and they can tap the tambourine to indicate their choice. This empowers them to make decisions and express preferences.
  12. Outdoor Play: Take the light-up tambourine outside during twilight or nighttime. The contrast of the lights against the dark sky can be visually captivating. Encourage your child to explore their surroundings while playing the tambourine.
  13. Music and Calming Routine: Create a calming routine using the light-up tambourine as a tool to signal transitions or relaxation periods. For example, you can use the tambourine as part of a calming bedtime routine. Play soft music, and gently tap the tambourine in rhythm, gradually slowing down the tempo to signal winding down for sleep.
  14. Relaxation and Deep Pressure: If the child enjoys deep pressure input, gently tap or press the tambourine against their body in a rhythmic pattern. This can provide calming sensory input.

Remember to always supervise playtime with children and ensure that the tambourine is age-appropriate and safe for their use. Always be attentive to the child's cues and adapt the activities based on their comfort level and preferences. Tailoring activities to meet the child's sensory needs and communication style is essential for a positive and enjoyable experience.

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