Rainy day indoor play for children with Autism

Rainy Day Ideas

Ah, the British weather strikes again, and you find yourself faced with the challenge of keeping your child with additional needs entertained indoors. Fear not! We've created a list of 10 inclusive indoor games and activities specially designed to make rainy days a blast for kids with additional needs such as ADHD and/or Autism. Let's dive into a world of laughter, creativity, and celebration of each child's unique abilities.

Ten Fun Activities on a Rainy Day!

1. Sensory Bin Exploration
Get ready for a tactile adventure! Fill a bin with rice, beans, or soft fabrics and let the sensory exploration begin. Watch as children uncover hidden treasures like fidget toys, promoting imaginative play and tactile stimulation

 sensory bin activity


2. Adapted Board Games
Transform family game night into an inclusive extravaganza! Seek out adapted versions of classic board games like Monopoly or Connect Four, where larger pieces, tactile elements, and simplified rules create an environment where everyone can join in on the fun.

connect 4 game


3. Balloon Volleyball
Turn your living room into a volleyball arena! String up a makeshift net or just put some masking tape across the floor and let the balloon fly. This low-impact game enhances hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, with the added bonus of a slow-moving balloon for easier tracking.

Balloon Volleyball at Home


4. Obstacle Course
Unleash the inner adventurer with a customisable obstacle course. Pillows, cushions, and tunnels become the tools for promoting spatial awareness and balance, allowing children to navigate at their own pace.

Obstacle Course at Home


5. Dance Party with Sensory Lights
Dim the lights, turn up the music, and bring out the sensory lights! Create a dance party that caters to individual sensory needs, providing a stimulating yet comfortable space for kids to let loose and groove to the beat. Enhance the fun by incorporating dance scarves—challenge the children to toss them into the air, adding an exciting twist where they freeze like statues when the music comes to a halt!

Child dancing with sensory lights


6. Interactive Storytime
Combine the magic of storytelling with interactive elements. Props, puppets, and sensory items transform tales into captivating experiences. Encourage participation through gestures, vocalisations, and interaction with story-related objects.

 storytime with puppets


7. DIY Craft Stations
Unleash creativity with DIY craft stations. Playdough, beads, coloured paper—the possibilities are endless. Not only do these stations promote fine motor skills, but they also offer a canvas for self-expression and artistic exploration.



8. Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling
Who says bowling is only for alleys? Transform your hallway into a glow-in-the-dark bowling alley by placing glow sticks in plastic bottles as pins and soft, lightweight balls to knock them down. This activity enhances coordination, spatial perception, and visual tracking in a fun and imaginative setting.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

9. Musical Instruments Jam Session
Encourage a love for music by hosting a jam session with various musical toys. Drums, shakers, and bells become tools of expression in a supportive and accepting environment where kids can explore sounds and rhythms at their own pace.

Disabled Children playing Musical Toys


10. Yoga for Relaxation
Wrap up the day with a calming yoga session. Introduce simple poses and stretches to promote relaxation and body awareness. Use visuals or a soothing voice to guide children through the poses, fostering a sense of calm and well-being.

Child Yoga

Embrace the rainy days with joy and inclusivity! These 10 games and activities are just the beginning. Feel free to adapt and modify based on the unique needs and preferences of your children. Let laughter and joy be the guiding lights, creating memorable moments for every child, rain or shine!

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