The 5 Best Light Up Toys of 2023... So Far!

The 5 Best Light Up Toys of 2023... So Far!

Let's talk about the amazing world of sensory toys and how they're helping kids grow and have a blast at the same time. You might have heard about all sorts of toys, but today we're shining a light on the super cool light-up sensory toys.

Light Up toys are like the rock stars of the sensory world because they're not just fun – they're also super calming. They're all about giving your senses a wild ride while making you feel all cosy inside. So, get ready as we dive into the top 5 light-up sensory toys of 2023.


Top 5 Light Up Toys!

Here we check out what makes them awesome, how they can help, and why you should definitely have them in your home.

1. LED Sensory Play Mat

Imagine a play mat that comes alive with a mesmerising glow when the lights go out. LED Sensory play mats offer an immersive experience that stimulates visual and tactile senses. These mats, often adorned with intricate patterns or educational motifs, capture a child's imagination while providing a safe and comfortable space to play. As they trace their fingers along the glowing designs, children develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness. The dim glow sets a tranquil environment, making it an ideal tool to wind down before bedtime. They are also great to put in dark dens or sensory rooms as they are comfortable to sit on whilst also giving visual stimulation.

LED Sensory Carpet

2. Light Projector

Projecting a universe of stars and colours onto the ceiling, interactive light projectors create a magical ambiance in any room. These devices often come with customizable settings, allowing parents and children to select their preferred colour palette, projection speed, and even add soothing sound effects. The visual spectacle engages the visual and auditory senses, making it an exceptional aid for relaxation and sensory exploration. Whether it's transforming a bedroom into a celestial oasis or turning playtime into an adventure, interactive light projectors have a wide range of uses.
Light Projector
3. Light-Up Bubble Tube
A fascinating convergence of visual and tactile stimulation, the light-up bubble tube stands as an emblem of sensory wonder. The constant stream of bubbles rising through the tube, accompanied by shifting LED lights, captivates attention and promotes visual tracking skills. Children can interact with the tube, observing the bubbles and lights respond to their touch. This dynamic interaction nurtures cause-and-effect understanding while providing a soothing effect that can help regulate emotions. Whether used for calming or play, the light-up bubble tube offers a multi-sensory experience that engages and relaxes.
Light Up Bubble Tube
4. Light Up Wand
Picture this: you've got this awesome light-up spinning wand in your hands. And let me tell you, the first thing that'll totally captivate you is its mind-blowing visual display. Imagine a mix of colours and patterns that just pop out and grab your attention like a magnet. It's like you're in a trance, totally fascinated by those swirling lights that keep changing right before your eyes. And guess what? This isn't just about being mesmerised – it's actually super cool for helping you focus better and get really good at tracking things with your eyes. So for anyone that's learning to coordinate their moves, this wand's like a secret training tool for your hand-eye skills!
Light Up Wand
5. Fibre Optic Lamp
The gentle, changing colours and the slow movement of the fibres on a fibre optic lamp can be seriously calming. It's like they're putting on a soothing light show just for you. Perfect for winding down after a long day or setting a chill mood in your space. Running your fingers through the fibers is like a tactile adventure. It's soft and kinda magical – just like brushing your hand through a field of soft grass. The tactile experience adds an extra layer of fun and engagement.
Fibre Optic Lamp
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